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NASSP no longer uses VC2005 to compile the source. Please use Visual Studio 2017 to modify the source code.

This page will outline the exact steps needed to get the Visual C++ 2005 Express edition to compile NASSP.

First, make sure you have the Orbiter SDK installed in your Orbiter folder. It's important that it be there so that the build can find the Sound SDK. Alternatively, you can make sure your folder structure follows this screenshot:


Note that the OrbiterSound_SDK folder is the entire folder from the orbiter installation copied over. Other than that, you need the Orbiter SDK unzipped into the folder Orbitersdk. The modules folder is where your built modules will appear when your done, and does not need to already exist.

The next step is to get the compiler and panel sdk installed as explained in the Orbiter Wiki. Once you have both installed (don't worry about the setup steps shown there), we want to configure the program to build Nassp.

First, Open Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition found in the Visual C++ 2005 folder in your start menu.

Open Tools -> Options... from the menu at the top.

This box should open.


Open the options screen shown selected in the screen shot. We are going to tell C++ where to find the platform dependent files. Under Show Directories For: select first include files. Press the new folder button and then the ... button to allow you to browse to the platform sdk INCLUDE directory. Select the Include directory and hit Open.

Next, select Library files. Again, we want to add a directory, and browse, but this time we're going to go to LIB instead of Include.

At this point, we should be ready to build the project. If we completed the above steps correctly, it should build the project without errors. It might however still complain a lot. That's a result of Orbiter being built against the VS 2003 libraries. Some of them are quite old, and it is no surprise they've been replaced. None the less, Visual Studio is actually pretty adaptable, and will still build properly.

If it doesn't work at this point, you should go to the forums.