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All Project Apollo files and sources are public available via the anonymous CVS access. But to run and test Project Apollo the user has to have a compiler to build the modules from the sources. Since not every user has a suitable compiler we offer the already compiled modules in a separate download and keep this download up to date.

The following instructions explain how a developer can build this download, the beta modules zip, so that the users can test the latest CVS version. If you are an user who wants to use and test the beta release please go to the Installation.

Step-by-step instructions

It is assumed that you are already a Project Apollo developer and that you already did the CVS checkout as explained in the CVS introduction. The following instructions are no comprehensive description of the SourceForge file release system, for more informations about that please read the Guide to the File Release System.

  • Make sure that you have the latest sources from all developers. That means choose the "CVS Update" menu item from the Tortoise context menu at least for the "Orbitersdk" folder.
  • Build all modules (.dll's) of all projects included in the Project Apollo workspace in release configuration. There should be a "batch build" menu item in your Visual Studio for that.
  • All modules (.dll's ) should build without errors. If you get errors please don't do a release but fix the errors first or ask in the forum for advice. If you have some time left do some tests with the modules, you should at least check your own changes.
  • Build a zip file from those modules. Like all Orbiter add-ons the zip file should have the proper directory structure, that means the modules should be in the "Modules\ProjectApollo" directory as the compiler did before. If you look at the latest beta modules zip at SourceForge you'll see how the zip file should look like. The name of the beta modules zip should be "ProjectApollo_Beta_<YYYYMMDD>.zip" where <YYYYMMDD> is the current date, for example "".
  • Upload this new beta modules zip to SourceForge as explained here.
  • Scroll down and click the "[Edit Releases]" link of the "Beta Releases" package. Log in with your SourceForge user id and password if necessary.
  • The "Beta releases" package has only one release besides the "Previous Releases" bundle, so choose the "[Edit This Release]" link of this release.
  • You are now on the release edit page, which is divided into 4 steps. At first change the "Release Date" and "Release Name" to the date of your beta modules zip and click the first "Submit/Refresh" button.
  • Then scroll down to step 2, choose the previously uploaded beta modules zip in the "Add Files To This Release" list and click the "Add Files and/or Refresh View" button below.
  • Scroll down to step 3 and choose "i386" as processor and ".zip" as file type for the new beta modules zip and click the "Update/Refresh" button of the file. Don't delete any files. Move the old release to the release "Previous Releases" by selecting it from the drop down box under the file name of the old file. Then click on update for that file. Poof, it's gone, but we don't lose it. Keep the Read-Me First.txt file intact and the Meshland zip intact.
  • Scroll down to step 4 and notify the monitoring people about the new release.
  • The new beta modules zip is now available on the SourceForge download pages here, instructions to update the beta testing page on the project home page will follow soon...

If you have questions or problems doing a beta release please post in the forum, we will help you then, of course!

Instructions for getting the Free Visual C++2005 Express working: VC2005Express